Who Is Your Mentor?

“Daddy! Watch me!”

Jayden has always taken a no holds bar approach to life…and he is only five. He has been willing to try bigger, more exhilarating things than the other kids did at his age.

Part of that is his personality, but a large part is also the result of being the youngest of five. He has plenty of examples to follow. He wants to imitate his siblings—especially, his older brothers.

They are his mentors. He can do things the average five-year-old probably doesn’t discover on their own. And he has a ball doing it.

We All Need Mentors

We all need mentors to help us grow and tackle challenges we might otherwise avoid.

These are people who are actively living out the example of a life that is fearless and free because they are living Jesus strong. They know the power of prayer and the life-giving nourishment of the Word. They have faced the darkest of valleys and grown stronger as they drew near to God.

Who do you look to as a mentor?

It could be a family member, close friend, or neighbor. It could also be someone from your church family like a Sunday School teacher, small group, or pastor. You can also find mentors as you read a book or watch a teaching video. There are mentors everywhere, we just need to take the time to look and then let them show us how to live fearless and free.

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