Seeing God In Our Interruptions

How often do we miss the voice of God in our lives? I know that daily business—or should I say, busyness—distracts our attention to the point that we may even misinterpret the voice and action of God as a mere interruption to our workflow. As I was digging through an old journal, I found one particular instance where I almost missed that still small voice. I would like to share that journal entry with you.

There was a new and special visitor at our worship service yesterday morning. The visitor was of the feathered variety. Since it was such a beautiful spring day, we had the doors open to our building. This provided a gentle, refreshing breeze to our celebration–it also provided the point of entry for a barn swallow.

Right in the middle of my message, this winged visitor swooped in through a side door and began to perform strafing runs over the heads of all those gathered. Needless to say, I lost everyone’s attention–including my own. After frantically flying around the room for two or three minutes, the little aerial acrobat departed our midst through the same door he had entered.

I don’t know that I got us fully back on track after that.

I must admit that I was a little disgruntled over this uninvited interruption. I mean, I had prepared all week for these moments and they seemed to have gotten lost to the performance of a bird.

Immediately after that thought, it occurred to me that I shouldn’t think so highly of myself. The celebration gathering of a bunch of Jesus-followers is about Jesus and his kingdom–not me. If God decided to show off a bit through the graceful flight of a barn swallow, who am I to argue?

It is ironic (or just a plain God-thing) that during this message, I told the story of Elijah standing at the mouth of the cave–waiting for the Lord to go by. God passed by in the gentle whisper.

I think that God passed by our celebration yesterday–in the form of a barn swallow. I still have a lot to learn about hearing the gentle whisper of God–what about you? How often do we dismiss the still small voice of God as an interruption? I need to have my life interrupted a little more often.

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