A Father Smiles As His Children Help

“Can we help?” both of my girls asked.

Vacation road trip out west.

We were traveling home from a beautiful road trip vacation. We had journeyed out west to see the Grand Canyon and the Pacific Ocean and were now somewhere in Utah heading back east.

Pit Stop

We pulled off the interstate to fill up with gas and use the bathroom—something you do a lot when traveling with three kids ranging from 18-months to 9 years. While we were stopped, the girls wanted to help, so they grabbed the window squeegees and started “cleaning” the windows.

Breeanna, who was nine at the time, started to work on the windshield and was doing a pretty good job. She wasn’t getting all the bugs off, and she was leaving some streaked water trails, but they were better than when she started. McKenzie, who was four, was making mud on the back glass and smudging it around.

Helping Our Kids

Christie went to the back of the van to help McKenzie as I helped Breeanna reach some tough spots and clean up some of her water trails.

We assisted them in making sure I could see out of the windows. We were proud of them. They wanted to help, and they did their best. What more could parents ask?

Grace: God Helping Us

Sometimes we don’t move forward to act for God and His kingdom because we are afraid of being inadequate for the task or of failing. We might leave some water streaks or even just make mud out of the situation.

God is already well aware of our inadequacies, yet he calls us to work on his behalf in this world anyway. He just wants us to strive to live His kingdom in our lives and to do our best. Of course, he has to give us a little guidance and an assist—we call this grace. If we could do it all ourselves, we wouldn’t need him now, would we?

Philippians 4:13 says:

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

The apostle paul

Through Christ, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit so that we can do so much more than we can do alone. However, if we don’t even try, then God’s power is not unleashed in our lives to do more.

As we lean into Kingdom living and depend on God’s grace to fuel our lives, God looks at us and smiles, proud that we are living for him.

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